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Frank Leskovitz Sr. *** US Marines *** 1924 to 1949

While Frank's personal photographs might be few in number, nestled in his actual ShoeBox were 420 black& white photographs taken by U.S. Marine Combat Photographers from World War II. Bundled with elastic bands in series of 20 photos, they show a first hand accounting for the trials and endurance of the individual experiences during various island invasions during the South Pacific campaign. Because military Combat Photographer photographs do exist I include them. While I do not know how he acquired these photos, they so far have been the most extensive collection of this genre.


Aircraft Front line Engineering


Advancing Armor Armor and Infantry

Iwo JimaCape Gloucester


Okinawa Okinawa New Georgia

Tarawa TarawaKwajalein

Peleliu PeleliuGuam


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